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ANCRT provides support and continuing education to Nationally Certified ROMA Professionals, collaborating with national, state, and local community action partners to improve the network's ability to achieve, document, report, and analyze results and to use data for decision making.



ANCRT will  provide training and technical assistance to Community Action Agencies, other CSBG Eligible Entities, and other non-profit organizations around the areas of performance measurement and management and all the areas of the ROMA Cycle.


ANCRT will sponsor and operate programs and services that support improved capacity of those organizations that benefit low-income or disadvantaged individuals, families, and their communities. 


ANCRT will fulfill its purpose through the network of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers and Implementers who have been certified by the National Peer to Peer ROMA Training and Certification process, and through the collaborations identified in the mission statement. 

The ANCRT Board

John W Edwards, Jr. (FL), President

Terry Bearden (AR), Vice President

Candace McDermott (MS), Secretary

Frederick Richmond (CO), Treasurer

PJ Davis (CA)

Myka Piatt (PA)

David Hagen (IA)

Matt Fitzgerald (VA)

Christine Westerlund (IL) 


Barbara Mooney, Ed.D., Director

Diana Kerr, Bookkeeper